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Drone Capoeira

There is is currently a single Google result for the phrase “Drone Capoeira” and it’s not a new musical genre. Well, I am claiming that name. It is mine. I invented it and I will make it manifest. Our training … Continue reading

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Needing Ski Wisdoms

Yesterday was my first ski run of 2011-2012. Embarrassing, I know, but I got sick during Christmas and I’ve been busy since then. I just now realized that my skis are in their ninth season. They seem to be holding … Continue reading

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Octoberfest Beer bottled!

For my birthday, my parents got me two beer kits as usual. One was an Octoberfest, albeit with an ale yeast, which is not according to style. I just bottled it today, and I have taken absolutely no hydrometer readings! … Continue reading

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I’m now a member of Google+. My profile is here.

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The Get Together

I will be playing some records at the Get Together on Saturday, April 23. Get there early! I start at noon! The format is “some weird and beatless stuff, transitioning into chill daytime beats”. It will all be stuff that … Continue reading

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The Plan

In reference to this post, my decision is to acquire either a Kurzweil K2000RS or a K2500RS, a Korg Z1, and a cheap 1U rackmount line mixer. I came to this decision after checking the prices on eBay for all … Continue reading

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New music toy?

Every year I buy myself one (1) music toy. Here are the options this year: Replace my crappy Behringer mixer with something nicer and with more channels (Mackie, Soundcraft, Yamaha, A&H) – The Behringer is starting to sound really weird … Continue reading

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New Project – OSC for Go

I’ve been playing around with some new things, namely Google’s Go language and the SuperCollider music programming environment. Go, intended to be a systems language for writing long-running server processes, feels also apt to write sound applications (to me anyway). … Continue reading

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He thrusts his fist into the post, and still insists he sees the ghost.

title from Reber Clark’s In the Brain of the Moon All of my old posts on my blog are gone, safely backed up in one or two places. My previous host allowed PostgreSQL databases. My new one does not support … Continue reading

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High Voltage Circumcision Playlist 2010-10-03

Last night, Deftly-D asked me to sub for his High Voltage Circumcision Show on WZBC. As usual, I did not have enough time to play all the music I wanted to, but here is what I managed to fit. The … Continue reading

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