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Megapolis Festival and Other Notes

On the weekend of April 24th-26th, I will be volunteering at the Megapolis Audio Festival, in and around Harvard Square and the Elks Lodge in Central Square in Cambridge. This event features live performances, audio art installations, and workshops on … Continue reading

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Amber Bottled

Just for the record: FG: 1.023 Total yield was about 4.25 gallons. Beyond the usual loss to the yeast cake and the stuff left in the bottling bucket, I managed to overfill a couple bottles, and accidentally open the bottling … Continue reading

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Honey Orange Amber Ale

So, this afternoon, I used the beer kit I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Here are the original kit ingredients: – 3 pounds Muntons Pale Extract (hopped) – 2 pounds Muntons Amber Extract – 1 pound mixed … Continue reading

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saison bottled

FG: 1.025 That's a little high. I probably should not have racked to secondary at all. Every smells saison-y. There was some stuff floating in the beer. I am wondering if that was just yeast or some other wild organism … Continue reading

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