DEMF lineup

Photek, leading Jungle DJ from the United Kingdom
Pascal F.E.O.S., pioneering techno DJ from Germany
Derrick Carter, Chicago house music DJ/producer
Rob Acid, German acid techno producer
Ark, minimal techno DJ and first-time visitor to Detroit
Josh Wink, globally recognized techno DJ/producer
Orb, legendary ambient producers
Greenskeeper, rapidly emerging house music band
Tortured Soul, rapidly emerging house music band
Alex Under, German minimal techno artist
Mark Broom, British techno DJ/producer
Pantytec, vastly popular German techno act
Planet of the Drums, America’s most popular Jungle DJ/MC ensemble
Krikor, German minimal techno artist
Superpitcher, leading talent from Cologne’s Kompakt label
Richie Hawtin, Detroit/Windsor/Berlin techno legend
Collabs: Speedy J/Chris Leibing, European hard techno duo
Dandy Jack, Perlon Records (Berlin) popular live act
Doc Martin, West Coast house music legend
Roy Davis Jr., globally known Chicago acid house pioneer
Markus Guenter, German ambient artist
Klimek, Kompakt Records down-tempo live act
Jay Haze, minimal techno artist
Socks and Sandals, making their Detroit debut
Adam Marshall, international techno DJ/Producer making his Detroit debut
Daniel Bell, Detroit minimal techno legend
Jeremy Caufield, German techno DJ/producer
Donald Glaude, West Coast DJ/producer
Function and Regis, New York hard techno duo
Neil Landstrumm, Veteran Techno producer from Scotland

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