hydrogen economy 7.8

approx time . artist . song . album or LABEL
00:00:00 . gys . lon (polycubist rmx) . ZERO G SOUNDS
00:05:59 . hubert tubbs . automatique . dub club
00:11:17 . james figurine . apologies . mistake mistake mistake mistake
00:17:43 . once11 . nefore the operation . smile hunter
00:21:43 . umwelt . biological entity . galvanic vestibular stimulation
00:27:45 . dj spooky f carl hancock rux . asphalt tome ii . optometry
00:33:19 . banco de gaia . saturn return . farewell ferengistan
00:43:37 . birdy nam nam . l’interlude de qualite . birdy nam nam
00:45:08 . nightmares on wax . damn . in a space outta sound
00:54:20 . blockhead . crashing down . left hook to the right
00:58:13 . jackson and his computer band . TV Dogs (Caathoddica’s Letter) [feat. Mike Ladd] . smash

i forgot to hit record until two hours in. what a sucker!


i am moving quite far away from rhode island, and as such i will be unable to continue this podcast at least in the short term. the next and final hydrogen economy will be broadcast july 22 at midnight, to be uploaded sometime later.

you can listen to the recording here.

the hydrogen economy is broadcast every saturday night at midnight US eastern (9PM PDT) on 90.3 WRIU FM in kingston, RI. webcasts are available at WRIU and on Dirtyradio.

a podcast rss feed is available on the itunes music store


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