Slackalicious! 2007.07.13

Hadn’t bothered to post last week’s playlist yet! Oops.

10:03PM Deadbeat “Lost Luggage” from “Journeyman’s Annual” on Scape (Germany)
10:04PM Steadycam “In the Moog for Love” from “Total 8″ on Kompakt (Germany)
10:11PM The Mole “I Hear the Tiddings of the Geese” from “One Foot on Either Side of the Ladder” on Mutek (UK)
10:17PM And.Id “Less is More” from “Less is More” on Ware (Germany)
10:25PM Argy “Love Dose (Luciano Remix)” from “Love Dose” on Pokerflat
10:33PM Jori Hulkonnen “You’re My Excuse For Being Me (Alternative Version)” from “All I See Is Shadows” on f communications

10:40PM Marshall Watson “headspace” from “Dirty Compilation 2005″
10:46PM Talvin Singh “Vikram the Vampire (South of Detroit Mix)” from “Remixsingh OK”
10:55PM Infiniti “Walking on Water” from “Skynet” on Tresor
11:00PM T. Raumschmiere “One Man Army” from “Appleseed Original Soundtrack”
11:04PM Duplex “Elevated Mood” from “Late Night Driving” on Clone (
11:09PM Gys “Smartypants Remix” from “Lon” on Zero G
11:14PM Theorem “112298″ from “112298″
11:21PM Maurizio “M6A (Edit)” from “Maurizio” on Maurizio
11:27PM Mathew Jonson “Live at Moving City 2005″ from “Live at Moving City 2005″
12:24AM Ken Ishii “Cocoa Mousse” from “Jelly Tones” on The Medicine Label
12:31AM Kagami “Y (Ken Ishii Mix)” from “Battle Royal EP” on Frogman
12:41AM Jeff Mills “Condor to Mallorca (Condor Express Mix)” from “Condor to Mallorca (Ken Ishii Remixes)” on Axis (USA)
12:45AM Anderson Noise and Ken Ishii “Vale Tudo” from “Vale Tudo” on Noisemusic
12:52AM Denki Groove “N.O. (Ken Ishii Reproduction)” from “N.O. (Ken Ishii Reproduction)” on Ki/oon
12:56AM Cory Allen “Sailes Set For Senex” from “Resonance: Steel Pan for the 21at Century” on Quiet Design

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