Playlist 2007.07.20

On time this week!

09:58PM T++ “Tensile” from “Allied”
10:04PM Ezio “Desayuno Con Tirantes” from “Marron Glace” on CMYK Muzik (Spain)
10:12PM Andy Vaz “Humanized” from “Humanization” on Yore (Germany)
10:18PM Cobblestone Jazz “Lime in da Coconut” from “Lime in da Coconut” on Wagon Repair (Canada)
10:27PM Redshape “Pink Dust” from “Telefunk” on Styrax Leaves (Germany)

10:34PM Redshape “Requiem” from “Telefunk” on Styrax Leaves (Germany)
10:37PM Arne Weinberg “Son of the Sun” from “Son of the Sun” on Styrax (Germany)
10:44PM Sarah Goldfarb “Sport Billy” from “Sport Billy” on Dumb-Unit (Germany)
10:50PM Lee Curtiss “Trip to the Woodshed” from “Taint” on Dumb-Unit (Germany)
10:58PM The Future Sound of London “Lifeforms Wighnomy Brothers und Robag Wruhme’s Simetikon 001-06 Re-Edit” from “Remikks Potpourri II” on Freude Am Tanzen (Germany)
11:02PM Depeche Mode “Lilian (Robag Wruhme’s Fukkeldibobb Remake)” from “Remikks Potpourri II” on Freude Am Tanzen (Germany)
11:04PM Alex Smoke “Always & Forever” from “Sci. Fi. Hi. Fi. Vol. 3″ on Soma
11:10PM Jab “my pillow smells like me” from “Based on a True Story” on Alienews
11:16PM Sleeparchive “Perspective” from “Shut Up and Dance” on Ostgut (Germany)
11:24PM The Field “A Paw in my Face” from “From Here We Go Sublime” on Kompact
11:30PM Pauli Vs. Tyrell “Little (SYD Remix)” from “Recloned” on Clone (
11:38PM Co-Fusion “Diretta” from “Diretta” on Reel Musiq
11:45PM Autechre “Maetl” from “Incunabula” on Warp (UK)
11:52PM MonoBox “Trade (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)” from “RMX Vol. 1″ on Logistic
12:02AM Rude Solo “Dark Eldar” from “Dark Eldar” on Art of Perception
12:07AM Drexciya “Welcome to DREXCIYA” from “Bubble Metropolis” on Underground Resistance
12:14AM Calyx “Deep Fried Porn” from “Deep Fried Porn” on Cliq
12:17AM Juan Atkins “Idea 1″ from “Futurepast EP” on Subject Detroit
12:22AM G. La Tortue and C. Carrier “Insert” from “Cartridge EP” on Taka (France)
12:28AM Dani Casarano “Motorcitysoul Remix” from “El Zapo Hablo” on Connaisseur Superieur
12:35AM Rex the Dog “Every Day” from “Total 8″ on Kompakt (Germany)
12:40AM Jackson and His Computer Band “Tropical Metal” from “Smash” on Warp (UK)
12:43AM Vainqueur “Lyot (Maurizio Mix)” from “Tresor II” on Tresor
12:52AM James Thomason “Rub” from “Designated Drivers 2004″ on Textone

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