Rhythmic Authority

By way of Do the Math, here’s an interesting take on the disconnect between classical musicians and everyone else on the planet: Brave New World.

Here’s the stuff I played last week:
10:04PM Plaid “Ratsback 2 (drumcomputer nerd remix)” from “Tekkin Konkreet – Tekkon Kinkreet Remix” on Aniplex
10:11PM Derrick May “To Be Or Not To Be (Mix of a Mix Mix)” from “Ghost in the Shell Megatech Body PlayStation Sountrack” on Ever Anime
10:17PM Beck “Villalobos Entlebuch Remix” from “Cellphone’s Dead” on BPitch Control (Germany)
10:32PM Mike Uzzi & Ben Recht “Someone Else Remix” from “Do You Have Anything To Say?” on Zero G
10:38PM Jean-Paul Bondy “Cold Reformer” from “Freshly Composted” on compost
10:42PM Mr. G “E.g.g’ed” from “One” on Rekids
10:50PM The Tuss “Shiz Ko E” from “Rushup Edge” on Rephlex (UK)
10:54PM György Ligeti “Glissandi” from “Acousmatrix VI Cologne – WDR Early Electronic Music” on BVHAAST (Netherlands)
11:01PM G*Park “Baum” from “Seismogramm” on blossoming noise
11:06PM Cobblestone Jazz “Saturday Night” from “Lime in da Coconut” on Wagon Repair (Canada)
11:18PM Midnight Operator “Midnight Operator” from “Midnight Operator” on Wagon Repair (Canada)
11:26PM Fsol “Yage” from “ISDN Show” on Astralwerks (USA)
11:31PM Fsol “My Kingdom” from “ISDN Show” on Astralwerks (USA)
11:33PM Fsol “Womb” from “ISDN Show” on Astralwerks (USA)
11:38PM Fsol “Psycho-Crab” from “ISDN Show” on Astralwerks (USA)
11:41PM LUCIANO “Somewhere Near His Heart” from “No Model No Tool” on Cadenza
11:56PM Ken Ishii “Frame Out” from “Jelly Tones” on The Medicine Label
12:02AM Coil “Further Back And Faster” from “Love’s Secret Domain” on Wax Trax!
12:11AM Biosphere “House on the Hill” from “Shenzhou” on Touch (UK)
12:19AM Andy Vaz “My Mix” from “Endings and Beginnings” on Persistencebit
12:26AM Ascon Bates “Mocrokismos” from “Supercollaps” on 9 Volt
12:31AM Dan Curtin “No Time for Gravity Waves” from “Album Sampler” on Headspace
12:38AM Shannon and The Mole “His Last Mistake” from “Mutek 02″ on Mutek (UK)
12:43AM Himuro “Button of Reset” from “Mild Fantasy Violence” on Zod (USA)
12:47AM Dan Paluska “live on disc error” from “live on disc error”

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