Playlist 2007.09.14

10:09PM Polygon Window “Audax Powder” from “Surfing on Sine Waves” on Tvt (USA)
10:13PM Underworld “Crocodile” from “Oblivion with Bells”
10:17PM Underworld “Crocodile (Oliver Huntemann Dub Remix)” from “Oblivion with Bells”
10:29PM Dave Soldier and Komar and Melamid “The Most Unwanted Song” from “People’s Choice”
10:46PM Deadbeat “Where Has My Love Gone” from “Journeyman’s Annual” on Scape Music

10:53PM Apparat “Useless Information” from “Walls” on Sh*tkatapult
10:59PM Panoptica “and L” from “Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions vol 1″ on Palm Pictures (Mexico)
11:04PM Steve Reich “Music for 18 Musicians (Coldcut Remix)” from “Reich Remixed” on Nonesuch (USA)
11:10PM Steve Reich “The Four Sections (Andrea Parker Remix)” from “Reich Remixed” on Nonesuch (USA)
11:16PM Steve Reich “Piano Phase (D*Note’s Phased and Konfused Mix)” from “Reich Remixed” on Nonesuch (USA)
11:22PM Steve Reich “Come Out (Ken Ishii Remix)” from “Reich Remixed” on Nonesuch (USA)
11:29PM Kraftwerk “Kristallo” from “Ralf & Florian” on Philips (Italy)
11:35PM Gershon Kingsley “Jewish Experience Part 1″ from “God Is A Moog” on Reboot Stereophonic (USA)
11:41PM Dub Specialist “Musical Science” from “Studio One Roots Vol 3″ on Soul Jazz (UK)
11:44PM Prince Jazzbo “Creation Skank” from “Studio One Roots Vol 3″ on Soul Jazz (UK)
11:46PM Errol Dunkley “Way Down Low” from “Studio One Roots Vol 3″ on Soul Jazz (UK)
11:48PM Lloyd Forest “Where It’s At” from “Studio One Roots Vol 3″ on Soul Jazz (UK)
11:50PM The Dynamic Four “Let’s Make Love” from “Studio One Roots Vol 3″ on Soul Jazz (UK)
11:56PM Tleilaxu “Communal” from “Unhappy Anniversary” on Unfoundsound
12:03AM Jan Jelinek “Vibraphonspulen” from “Kosmicher Pitch” on ~Scape (Germany)
12:10AM Konono No. 1 “Kule Kule” from “Congotronics 1″ on Crammed Discs (Belgium)
12:13AM Uusitalo “Kalajuttuja” from “Tulenkantaja” on Huume (Germany)
12:22AM Octave One “Blackwater (Alter Ego Vocal Mix)” from “Transphormed” on Klang elektronik
12:30AM Jamie Lidell “When I Come Back Around” from “Multiply” on Warp (UK)
12:36AM Octal Industries “Automatik (Northern Lights Mix)” from “Automatik” on Transistor Rhythm
12:41AM Ryuichi Sakamoto “Seven Samurai – Ending Theme” from “Chasm” on KAB America, Inc.
12:47AM Afrika Bambaataa “Take You Back” from “Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light” on Tommy Boy
12:51AM Ghislain Poirier “Close the News” from “Breakupdown” on Chocolate Industries
12:54AM Kenny Larkin “Q” from “Azimuth” on Warp (UK)

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