Playlist 2007.10.26

I got a good recording of some of the middle there, which I will post later this morning.

09:59PM Prefuse 73 “Noreaster Cheer” from “Preparations” on Warp
10:02PM Plaid “My Kung Fu Derrick May Remix” from “Tekkin Konkreet – Tekkon Kinkreet Remix” on Aniplex
10:14PM Flare “Clinch (Co-Fusion ABS Mix)” from “Re-Grip” on Sublime
10:19PM Rei Loci “Meld” from “The Second Coming” on Iridite
10:26PM Speedy J “Hayfever” from “Public Energy No. 1″ on Mute
10:30PM Tanzmuzik “Lane” from “Version Citie Hi-Lights” on Sublime
10:34PM Plaid “Ratsback2 (Saitone Remix)” from “Tekkin Konkreet – Tekkon Kinkreet Remix” on Aniplex

10:42PM Tanzmuzik “Western Cos (Skyway Motel Mix)” from “Version Citie Hi-Lights” on Sublime
10:50PM Space DJz “Eratic” from “Eratic” on Infonet
10:54PM Underground Resistance “Windchime” from “Windchime” on Underground Resistance
11:00PM Gene Farris “Let Yourself Go” from “This is My Religion” on Soma
11:05PM Slam “Youngsters Remix” from “Virtuoso (Remixes)” on Soma Quality Recordings
11:12PM Swayzak “Ikea” from “Make Up Your Mind” on !K7
11:16PM Gys “Lon (Soultek Remix)” from “Lon” on Zero G
11:21PM Cobblestone Jazz “Lime in Da Coconut” from “Lime in da Coconut” on Wagon Repair
11:27PM Arne Weinberg “In Between” from “Chord Control” on Technoir Audio
11:32PM Visitor “The Last Time” from “Basement Life” on D1
11:36PM Simplon “Dixon Blazes” from “Made Up Words” on Iridite
11:43PM Fennesz Sakamoto “Kokoro” from “Cendre” on touch music
11:49PM Habitat Sound System “Sleeping Bullet Dub” from “Prince Zohar and the Mystics” on Gematria
11:51PM Negativland “Four Fingers” from “Big 10-8 Place” on Seeland
11:54PM M83 “By the Kiss” from “Digital Shades Vol.1″ on Warp
11:59PM John Cage “Music for Piano 2″ from “Music for Piano 1-84″ on Neos
12:02AM Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra “Door Squeak” from “Strange Strings” on Atavistic
12:13AM Yasushi Miura “Harare” from “Steps” on Karidome
12:19AM DJ Kentaro “Handmade Gift” from “Enter” on Ninja Tune
12:24AM Alternative 3 “Operation Midnight Climax” from “Alternative 3 – Original Soundtrack” on Lo Recordings
12:30AM Laurent Garnier “Sound of the Big Babou” from “unreasonable behavior” on Mute
12:37AM Fuse “Substance Abuse” from “dimension intrusion” on Wax Trax!
12:43AM Coldcut “Re:volution” from “Re:volution” on Ninja Tune
11:48PM Adrien 75 “Ocean Drilling” from “Coastal Access” on Source

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