Villalobos Intervew

XLR8R interview with Ricardo Villalobos, wherein he discusses many things.

My particular favorite answer:

Would you have the desire to come and try your infusion concept live?

If there is something special, of course. I’ve been remixing Philip Glass, for example. But this is really abstract American music. If there is something I could listen to as possible for the dance hall then yes, of course. But American music is a mixture of so many things and cultures it’s so hard to define. Even the electronic music of what we call Chicago and Detroit is a mixture of African and new technologies of string sounds and classical influences. It’s so mixed and difficult to define. It’s easier to say, “This is Gypsy music.” American music is everything, all the Latin influences, how Cuba and Puerto Rico went to New York and it’s like a salsa. And it’s wonderful.

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