Ken Ishii Test Pattern Recording

Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for… a pile of Ken Ishii tracks, mostly without DJ chatter!

05:56PM Steve Reich “Come Out (Ken Ishii Remix)” from “Reich Remixed” on Nonesuch
06:06PM Ken Ishii “Sponge” from “Garden on the Palm” on Sony
06:11PM Ken Ishii “Pneuma” from “Innerelements” on R&S
06:18PM Ken Ishii “Stretch” from “Jelly Tones” on Medicine Label
06:26PM Jeff Mills “Condor to Mallorca (Ken Ishii Transition Mix)” from “Condor to Mallorca (Ken Ishii Remixes)” on Axis
06:33PM Ken Ishii “Butter Bump Blaster” from “Game Over” on R&S
06:38PM FLR “Easy Filters Part 1″ from “Easy Filters Part 1-2″ on Reel Musiq
06:45PM Flare “DIR.R” from “Dir.r Remixes” on Sublime
06:51PM Ken Ishii “Let It All Ride” from “Sunriser” on 70Drums
06:54PM UTU “N428″ from “N428″ on Plus 8
07:00PM Flare “Curved Sunburst” from “Grip” on Sublime


And below the cut, here’s the playlist from the Hydrogen Economy later that night

10:02PM Future Sound of London “You’re Creeping Me Out” from “ISDN (white)” on Astralwerks
10:07PM Burial “Ghost Hardware” from “Burial” on Hyperdub
10:12PM Monolake “Plumbicon V.271205″ from “Plumbicon V.271205″
10:22PM Tetsu Inoue “DSP Terminal” from “Waterloo Terminal” on Caipirinha
10:28PM Fennesz/O’Rourke/Rehberg “A Viennese Tragedy” from “the return of FennO’Berg” on Mego
10:42PM Ryoji Ikeda “data.Matrix” from “Dataplex” on Raster-noton
10:52PM Robert Henke “Oomoo” from “free track of the month – november” on Monolake
11:02PM Gerhard Behles “Silicea” from “Silicea” on Monolake
11:10PM Brian Kage “Zebes” from “100″ on Thinner
11:17PM Sensual Physics “Arcs and Master” from “100″ on Thinner
11:25PM Eloi Brunelle “Deepmush” from “100″ on Thinner
11:31PM Off the Sky Vs. Gyges “Polaroidmanteaux” from “100″ on Thinner
11:36PM Robert Henke “CTM07_Day7_RobertHenke” from “Club Transmediale 07″ on Monolake
12:50AM Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes & 3MB “Illuminism (Sun Electric Edit)” from “Tresor II: Detroit-Berlin A Techno Alliance” on Tresor
12:56AM Susumu Yokota “Tune for a Replicant” from “The Frankfurt-Tokyo Connection” on Harthouse

crossposted from The Hydrogen Project

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