Playlist for 2007.12.7

Results of record shopping trip last weekend.

10:05PM Lansley & Brocksieper “Cannon Shakedown” from “Cunning Stunts EP” on Sub Static
10:14PM Slam “We’re Not Here” from “No One Left To Follow” on Soma
10:19PM John Tejada “Timebomb” from “7th City Classics Vol 2″ on 7th City
10:25PM Lars Wickinger “Belfine Im Tank” from “Cobra Liebe” on Opossum
10:31PM Lars Wickinger “Out of Schweiss” from “Cobra Liebe” on Opossum
10:38PM James Priestley & Dan Berkson “Chariots” from “Chariots” on Simple

10:47PM How to Make Sense of A Window “Nxt” from “Thank You Technology EP” on Plak
10:59PM Ras Amerlock “Farther East” from “Farther East” on Jahtari
11:02PM Partial Arts “Cruising” from “Round 1 The Originals” on Battle
11:12PM Larry Levan & Slow to Speak “Don’t Say Maybe” from “Don’t Say Maybe” on Larry
11:18PM Bauchklang “Rhythm of Time” from se divise en trois grandes familles, les Holdems, les Studs et les Fermes. “Rhythm of Time” on Klein Records
11:24PM NCW “Broken Bottles” from “Broken Bottles” on Not on Label
12:33AM Toshinori Kondo “Wind Temptation” from “Silent Melodies” on Off
12:40AM Karlheinz Stockhausen “Helicopter String Quartet (Excerpt)” from “Helicopter String Quartet” on Montaigne
12:41AM Gaiser “Mute” from “Expansion/Contraction” on MINUS
12:49AM Moby “Go (Trentemoller Remix)” from “The Trentemoller Chronicles” on Audiomatique

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