End of year playlist 2007.12.21

And here is the 2007 review playlist and recording, after a brief Christmastime prelude.

10:00PM Juan Atkins “Snowflakes Falling (Movement II)” from “Christmas Eclectic” on Burn and Shiver
10:06PM Mafialligator “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” from “A Very 8-Bit Christmas”
10:08PM Atom “The Darlene Love SubZero Ecosystem” from “Santastic II: Clausome”
10:14PM Plaid “Ratsback 2 (Drumcomputer Nerd Remix)” from “Tekkin Konkreet – Tekkon Kinkreet Remix” on Aniplex
10:18PM Underworld “Beautiful Burnout” from “Oblivion with Bells” on Side One

10:28PM M. Rahn “Automale” from “1138″ on SIXONESIX
10:34PM Burial “Near Dark” from “Untrue” on Hyperdub
10:38PM Miskate “People Began Sequences” from “Afterblaster EP” on Microcosm
10:47PM Sarah Goldfarb “Sport Billy” from “Sport Billy” on Dumb-Unit
10:54PM Mike Uzzi and Ben Recht “Do You Have Anything to Say?” from “Do You Have Anything to Say?” on Zero G Sounds
11:00PM Lee Curtiss “Over the Influence” from “Taint” on Dumb Unit
11:12PM Digitaline “Rayon Vert” from “Anticlockwise” on Cadenza
11:15PM Mathew Jonson “Automatic” from “Automatic” on Wagon Repair
11:22PM Methodology “Da Soul Track” from “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” on Iridite
11:28PM Aril Brikha “Akire” from “Akire” on Pokerflat
11:36PM Cobblestone Jazz “Lime in da Coconut” from “Lime in da Coconut” on Wagon Repair
11:45PM Ezio “Nular” from “Marron Glace” on CMYK Muzik
11:52PM James Priestley & Dan Berkson “Chariots” from “Chariots” on Simple
12:01AM Midnight Operator “Midnight Operator” from “Midnight Operator” on Wagon Repair
12:08AM Andy Vaz “You got?” from “Humanization” on Yore
12:13AM Ø “B” from “Ikuinen” on Sahko
12:19AM Fennesz/Sakamoto “Glow” from “Cendre” on Touch
12:26AM Murmur “Discovery of Mother Voidness” from “Fermata” on Backporch Revolution
12:49AM Murmur “Description of the Between” from “Fermata” on Backporch Revolution

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