spicy super bowl ribs

This recipe is exactly what I did, including all mistakes.

– Four half slabs of pork spare ribs (NOT trimmed, NOT St. Louis Style)
– Paprika, Onion powder, black pepper, sea salt, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder
– Enough charcoal to fill three chimneys
– Chimney
– Two logs each of cherry and maple wood
– Smoker
– Two aluminum roasting pans
– Two cans Miller High Life
– Salt Lick BBQ sauce

– Dump one chimney of unlit charcoal into firebox, add one cherry and one maple log.
– Empty beer into roasting pans and place under cooking grates.
– Light second chimney and add to firebox.
– Go inside to get ribs ready.
– Wash ribs in cold water, remove membrane, pat dry, and sprinkle with all 7 above spices on both sides.
– Put in smoker meat side up.
– Adjust fire vent to reach target temp of 225°, adding first charcoal, then logs when the first two logs have burnt.
– After two hours, move ribs around to ensure even cooking.
– After about two more hours, baste with BBQ sauce.
– After an additional half hour, check ribs with pull test. If done, remove and wrap in plastic wrap, then foil. Let rest for 30 minutes.
– Refrigerate overnight
– Put in cooler for transport
– Place in over at 300° for 30-45 minutes.
– Let cool, then slice into 1-2 rib sections for serving.
– Devour.

– Trim brisket off ribs or use loin back ribs. The bottom end of those things is a giant pain. Mmm, sternum!
– Tone down the spicy!
– Try basting with BBQ sauce before reheating. Try Stubb’s sauce instead of Salt Lick (as the salt lick is almost empty)

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