Playlist again!

See you in about two weeks!

09:57PM Forrest McCullough “Part 1″ from “Flight F-I-N-A-L” (1965) on Word
10:14PM Jacek Sienkiewicz “Ready” from “Directions” (2000) on Recognition
10:20PM AFX “.215061″ from “Analogue Bubblebath 3″ (2002) on Rephlex
10:24PM Hrdvsion “Rely on Computer” from “Gary White” (2006) on Wagon Repair
10:30PM Quadrant “Hyperprism” from “Infinition” (2004) on Basic Channel
10:42PM Amphiptere “Minotauro” from “Chemicalshake” (2000) on Interzone
10:50PM The Three “Round About Midnight” from “The Three” (1978) on Inner city
10:54PM The Three “Funky Blues” from “The Three” (1978) on Inner city
10:58PM Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Research Arkestra “Black Forest Myth” from “It’s After The End Of The World: Live at The Donaueschingen and Berlin Festivals” (1972) on MPS/BASF
11:07PM Underworld “Miracle Party” from “Underneath the Rader” (1988) on Sire
11:08PM Underworld “I Need a Doctor” from “Underneath the Rader” (1988) on Sire
11:12PM The System “X-periment” from “X-periment” (1984) on MIRAGE
11:18PM Yukihiro Takahashi “The Real You” from “What Me Worry?” (1982) on Alfa
11:22PM Return to Forever “Celebration Suite Part 1″ from “No Mystery” (1975) on Polydor
11:32PM Return to Forever “Celebration Suite Part 2″ from “No Mystery” (1975) on Polydor
11:39PM John Tejada “Timebomb” from “7th City Classics Vol 2″ (2007) on 7th City
11:42PM Quenum “Keep Trippin’” from “Keep Trippin’” (2006) on Plak
11:51PM Stephen Beaupre “My Old Lady” from “Dirty Lipreading” (2004) on Musique Risquee
11:57PM Ellen Allien “Fuckaloop Remix” from “Down RMX” (2006) on BPitch Control
12:05AM Edgar Varese “Density 21.5″ from “Music of Edgar Varese” on Columbia Masterworks
12:08AM Gato Barbieri “Encuentros” from “Chapter One: Latin America” (1973) on ABC
12:20AM Edgar Varese “Poeme Electronique” from “Music of Edgar Varese” on Columbia Masterworks
12:31AM The Black Dog “Train by the Autobahn Part 1″ from “Radio Scarecrow” (2008) on Dust Science
12:32AM Glider “Le Temp qu-il faut a une larme pour couler (remix de Terminus B)” from “sand from water” (2002) on Where Are My Records
12:35AM Crystal Castles “She Fell Out (Coralcola Remix)” from “She Fell Out (Coralcola Remix)”
12:42AM Sergio MF Valente “I96 (DPM Remix)” from “I96 Remixes II” (2008) on SIXONESIX
12:49AM Peter Gabriel “Liquid Selves” from “Liquid Selves”
12:51AM Underworld “Surfboy” from “Dubnobasswithmyheadman” (1994) on Wax Trax!

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