Two Playlists and a Baby – 2008.04.25 and 2008.05.09

playlists from weeks past, plus a new podcast from last week, featuring a guest mix from M50!

April 25th
10:01PM Basic Channel “Phylyps Trak” from “Phylyps Trak” (1993) on Basic Channel
10:10PM Basic Channel “Octagon” from “Octagon/Octaedre” (1994) on Basic Channel
10:23PM Quadrant “Infinition” from “Infinition” (2004) on Basic Channel
10:34PM Carl Craig “4 My Peeps” from “4 My Peeps” (2005) on Planet E
10:47PM Yagya “Their blood is black and yellow” from “Will I Dream During the Process?” (2006) on Sending Orbs
10:55PM The Black Dog “Floods V3″ from “Floods” (2007) on Soma Quality Recordings
11:05PM Goldie and Rob Playford “The Shadow (Process Mix)” from “The Shadow (Rick Smith Remixes)” (1997) on moving shadow
11:12PM Larvae “Empire (Enduser mix)” from “Empire” (2005) on Ad Noiseam
11:17PM Jacob’s Optical Stairway “Solar Feelings (Claude Young’s Groovematic Mix)” from “Solar Feelings” (1995) on R&S
11:21PM Boom Boom Satellites “Dub Me Crazy Ver 02 (Optical remix)” from “Auto Re-birth 2″ (1998) on R&S Records
11:32PM Inner City “Carl Craig Remix” from “Praise Edition 1″ (1992) on Ten
11:37PM Laurent Garnier “Fabrice Lig remix” from “Greed World Wide Re-works” (2000) on f communications
11:43PM The Martian “Firekeeper” from “Firekeeper” (1997) on Red Planet
11:52PM Jesse Somfay “This Fragile Addiction” from “We Breathe the Stars Through Each Other” (2005) on Traum Schallplaten

May 9th
10:05PM The Kooky Scientist “Kook Kontrol” from “Kook Kontrol” (2007) on Telepathic
10:20PM Zoos of Berlin “Speak Well of Manderlay” from “Zoos of Berlin” (2008) on Self Release
10:24PM Fabrice Lig “Access Denied” from “Faith is Fear” (2007) on Dust Science
10:31PM Shawn Rudiman “She Don’t Deserve My Hate” from “Second Is First” (2005) on Dust Science
10:36PM Anthony Shakir “Function Electric” from “Lost & Found 1″ (2005) on Dust Science
10:45PM Dan Curtin “Shining” from “Shining” (2006) on Dust Science
10:51PM DNCN “Dust to Dust” from “Moss Lane East EP” (2007) on Dust Science
11:04PM M50 “exclusive mix!” from “exclusive mix!”
11:53PM The Black Dog “Riphead v9″ from “Radio Scarecrow” (2008) on Dust Science
12:03AM Esquina “First Corner (Agnes’ Deep Corner Mix)” from “First Corner” (2008) on Zero G Sounds
12:04AM Matthew Dear “R+S” from “Ghostly Swim” (2008) on Ghostly International
12:11AM Microworld “Signals” from “Signals” (1999) on transmat
12:20AM Quadrant “Infinition” from “Infinition” (2004) on Basic Channel
12:30AM Digitaline “Astronauten” from “Anticlockwise” (2007) on Cadenza
12:39AM Deepchord Present Echospace “spatialdimension” from “spatialdimension” (2008) on Echospace
12:49AM Four Tet “Ringer” from “Ringer” (2008) on Domino

Tracklisting for m50 mix:
The Clash : Straight To Hell : Combat Rock : Epic
ø : Ikuinen : Ikuinen : Sähkö
Stardub featuring Clair Dietrich : Morning Sun : Cut & Paste : Lo-Fi Stereo
Echospace : [untitled] : [black label] : Modern Love
Theorem + Stewart Walker : Recoil : Recoil : M_nus
Baby Ford : Slow Hand : Slow Hand : PAL
Mark Broom / Peter Ford / Thomas Melchior : Pukka Your Lips : Ifach Collective : Ifach
Carl Craig : [a] : Sorry Carl, We Needed The Beats : [white]
Jackmate : Male Kicks : Male Kicks : Philpot
Thor : T-2 : [untitled] : Thule
Melody Boy 2000 : Theme : Dumtraxx : Dum
Manitou : Remembering that Afternoon Downtown : All Points North : Slo.bor

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