Basic Channel Mix etc. – 2008.06.06

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Here’s the playlist to the Basic Channel Test Pattern. I was pleased instead of embarrassed with a recorded mix for once. Playlist below!

06:16PM Quadrant “Infinition” from “Infinition” (2004) on Basic Channel
06:24PM Substance and Vainqueur “Immersion” from “Surface” (2006) on Scion Versions
06:30PM Phylyps “Trak II” from “Trak II” (1994) on Basic Channel
06:37PM Phylyps “Trak” from “Trak” (1993) on Basic Channel
06:42PM Vainqueur “Lyot (Maurizio Mix)” from “Lyot” (1992) on Maurizio
06:51PM Basic Channel “Octagon” from “Octagon/Octaedre” (1994) on Basic Channel

And even farther below, the playlist for the Hydrogen Economy:

09:58PM B12 “32 Lineup” from “Last Days of Silence” (2008) on B12
10:05PM B12 “Pursuit (Live)” from “Last Days of Silence” (2008) on B12
10:13PM B12 “Solitude” from “Practopia” (2007) on B12
10:18PM B12 “Omni Therapy” from “32 Lineup” (2007) on B12
10:24PM B12 “Slope” from “Slope” (2007) on B12
10:31PM Kirk Degiorgio “I Do Not Exist (B12 Remix)” from “I Do Not Exist” (2007) on B12
10:37PM As One “Remnant” from “The Electric Institute” (2005) on New Religion
10:44PM The Black Dog “Train by the Autobahn (Part 2)” from “Radio Scarecrow” (2008) on Dust Science
10:49PM Tony Allen “One Tree” from “lagos no shaking” (2006) on EMI
10:54PM Alan Rankine “Can You Believe Everything I see?” from “Moving Soundtracks” (2008) on LTM
11:04PM Max Planck “Proton Donor” from “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (2007) on Iridite
11:09PM Yellow Magic Orchestra “Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)” from “Yellow Magic” (1979) on Alfa
11:14PM Yellow Magic Orchestra “1000 Knives” from “BGM” (1981) on A&M
11:20PM Jack Dangers “Horologium Dwarf” from “Music for Planetarium” (2008) on Brainwashed Handmade
11:25PM Golden Red “Water Damage” from “Hotel Mandatory” (2005) on Sub Static
11:32PM John Foxx “A Peripheral Character” from “Tiny Colour Movies” (2006) on Metamatic
11:36PM Clara Hill “Restless times (Recloose Vocal Rmx)” from “Restless Times / Silent Distance (Remixes)” (2005) on Sonar Kollektiv
11:43PM Mike Uzzi & Ben Recht “Do You Have Anything to Say?” from “Do You Have Anything to Say?” (2007) on Zero G
11:47PM Radiohead “Nude (John Houston Remix)” from “Nude (John Houston Remix)” (2008)
11:51PM Aphex Twin “Ageispolis” from “selected ambient works” (1993) on Rephlex
11:56PM Anthony Shakir “The Random Shuffle” from “Lost & Found 1″ (2005) on Dust Science
12:07AM Oldfield V the Orb “Sentinel (Nobel Prize Mix)” from “Orbular Bells” (1992) on Sentinel (Total Overhaul)
12:16AM Sebastian Roya “Andante” from “Andante” (2008) on Connaisseur Superieur
12:26AM AMB “Lutena” from “The Squrrel EP Part 2″ (2008) on Chi Recordings
12:33AM Carl Craig “Jerry Lewis (Mayday Mix)” from “4 My Peeps” (2005) on Planet E
12:39AM Deepchord Present Echospace “spatialdimension” from “spatialdimension” (2008) on Echospace
12:52AM Food “Apparatus” from “Molecular Gastronomy” (2008) on Rune Grammofon
12:56AM Fred “Rose-Chop” from “rosebud remixes” (1992) on Wax Trax!

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