Underworld Test Pattern Recording and Playlist

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Voila! An hour of Underworld! Unfortunately, there is always more music than can fit in a Test Pattern.

06:03PM Underworld “Most ‘Ospitable” from “Dark and Long” on Junior Boy’s Own
06:09PM Underworld “The God Song” from “Underneath the Rader” on Sire
06:15PM Underworld “The Hump (Groove without a Doubt)” from “Mother Earth/The Hump” on tomato
06:25PM Underworld “Spikee” from “Spikee” on Junior Boy’s Own
06:36PM Leftfield “Song of Life (Steppin Razor Mix)” from “Song of Life (Underworld Mixes)” on Hard Hands
06:45PM Underworld “Cherry Pie” from “Pearl’s Girl” on Junior Boy’s Own
06:52PM Underworld “born slippy nuxx” from “live glasgow tramway 1994″
06:59PM Underworld “Why Why Why” from “Rez” on Collect Boy’s Own

After the cut is the playlist from later that night. Next Hydrogen Economy is August 1.

10:07PM Innerzone Orchestra “Basic Math” from “programmed” on Astralwerks
10:11PM Rhythim Is Rhythim “Kao-tic Harmony” from “Icon” on transmat
10:18PM Model 500 “Infoworld” from “Ocean to Ocean” on transmat
10:24PM Kevin Saunderson Feat. Inner City “Good Love (Luciano mix)” from “History Elevate 4″ on KMS
10:35PM Wareika “Be Real” from “Impulse” on Connaisseur
10:44PM Brett Johnson “The Way We Were” from “The Pop Up EP” on Cynosure
10:53PM Aztec Mystic “Aguila” from “Aguila” on Underground Resistance
10:58PM DJ T-1000 “Untitled” from “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Now Invisible” on Pure Sonik
11:07PM Jeff Mills “The Bells” from “Kat Moda” on Purpose Maker
11:11PM Dabrye “Hyped Up Plus Tax 2002 Live Version” from “Additional Productions” on Ghostly International
11:14PM DJ Logic “Michelle” from “The Anomaly” on Roepadope
11:18PM Mixmaster Mike “Bangzilla” from “Bangzilla” on Scratch Worldwide
11:20PM Boom Bip “The Matter (of our Discussion)” from “Blue Eyed in the Red Room” on lex records
11:25PM James Whetzel “Salaam and Siesta for Everyone” from “Capitol Hill Secret Tracks”
11:29PM Detroit Escalator Company “Abstract Forward Motion” from “Transmat TimeSpace Tour” on transmat
11:34PM Automaton “Astral Altar Dub” from “Macro Dub Infection Vol 1″ on Virgin
11:39PM Gys “Beep” from “art d’echo” on Component
11:45PM Kenny Larkin “Q” from “Azimuth” on Warp
11:53PM Detroit Grand Pubahs “If Snow Was Black” from “Comin’ from tha D: Blueprint” on Intuit-Solar
11:57PM Afrika Bambaataa “Take You Back” from “Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light” on Tommy Boy
12:04AM Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom “Relevee (Carl Craig Mix)” from “Relevee” on Dfa
12:14AM Alarm Will Sound “4″ from “Acoustica” on Cantaloupe
12:20AM Cyber Zen Sound System “Whispering Across OCeans” from “The Intercepted Transmissions”
12:26AM The Black Dog “Transmission Start” from “Radio Scarecrow” on Dust Science
12:27AM The Black Dog “Trains by the Autobahn” from “Radio Scarecrow” on Dust Science
12:38AM Fabrik Nos “Genetix (Drumcell Remix)” from “Droid 01″ on Droid Behavior
12:42AM Faculty X “Connector” from “Otherworld” on SuperBra
12:50AM Sean Deason Feat. Claude Young “Zig” from “Zig” on Intuit-Solar

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