Phoenix Landing Preview

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An interior section of the Large Hadron Collider

This Wednesday, August 6, I will be playing at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, opening up for Pat Fontes. 19+ please (why 19, anyway?). This is my first time playing at the Phoenix and I am rather excited. The address is: 512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. Nearest public transit is Central Square on the Red Line or numerous busses. (Hint: even though a lot of 4xx busses go to ‘Central Square,’ that’s in Lynn, not Cambridge)

As a preview for Wednesday, I packed all the records I expect to play and let them all out last night. I am still holding onto some surprises, so don’t think that listening to this gets you off the hook for showing up Wednesday! There was also a pretty big pile of new stuff that came in over the past two weeks and thus the recording is a little longer than usual Playlist after the break. Enjoy!

10:05PM CD-R and Quest.Room.Project “Part 4″ from “CD-R and Quest.Room.Project” on Musica Excentrica
10:09PM Underworld “Play Pig (Pig and Dan Mix 2)” from “Play Pig Pig and Dan Remixes” on underworldlive
10:17PM Con_cetta F/ N. Ferloni “Hexagram” from “Sclerosis”
10:20PM Astrowind “Autumn Drifting” from “In Memoriam Andrei Tarkovsky” on Musica Excentrica
10:29PM The Black E “Y-O-Y Jack” from “Found on the Floor of the Foundry EP” on Sleep Debt
10:35PM Glimpse “For Fleur” from “Elephant Skins EP” on Leftroom
10:41PM Arne Weinberg “Minotaurs” from “Son of the Sun” on Styrax
10:48PM Dan Curtin “Tromp” from “Shining” on Dust Science
10:56PM Mathew Jonson “Twin Cobras” from “Symphony for the Apocalypse” on Wagon Repair
11:07PM Chica and The Folder “Daleko (Dinky’s Splastik Rmx)” from “Chica and the Folder” on Schatulle
11:11PM The Martian and Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes “Sex in Zero Gravity” from “Sex in Zero Gravity” on Red Planet
11:19PM Brett Johnson “Space (Basstrumental Mix)” from “The Pop Up EP” on Cynosure
11:24PM Annette “Dream 17 (Mayday Mix)” from “Remixes 01″ on Not on Label
11:27PM Inner City “Praise (Future Sound of London Conceptual)” from “Praise Edition 1″ on Ten
11:37PM James Priestley & Dan Berkson “Chariots” from “Chariots” on Simple
11:46PM Introvert “Times We Live In (Original Mix)” from “Lemon Days” on Night Vision
11:53PM Methodology “Da Soul Track” from “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” on Iridite
12:02AM Redshape “Telefunk” from “Telefunk” on Styrax Leaves
12:08AM Kevin Saunderson Feat. Inner City “Good Life (Mathew Jonson’s Acid Mix)” from “History Elevate 3″ on KMS
12:15AM Kakaka “Ka” from “Kakaka First” on Reel Musiq
12:24AM Tigerskin “Desperate Mouselives” from “Desperate Mouselives” on Opossum
12:32AM Repeat Repeat “Blippy” from “Blippy” on Soma Quality Recordings
12:40AM DJ T-1000 “Untitled” from “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Now Invisible” on Pure Sonik
12:50AM Gys “Soultek Remix” from “Lon” on Zero G
01:00AM Duplex 100 “Extrapoliert” from “Extrapoliert” on Initial Cuts
01:03AM Nurse With Wound “Groove Grease” from “Huffin’ Rag Blues” on United Jnana
01:08AM Miss High Heel “The Family’s Hot Daughter” from “The Family’s Hot Daughter” on blossoming noise
01:14AM Sugar Minott “So We Dub IT” from “Dance Hall Showcase Vol 11″ on Wackie’s
01:16AM Alva Noto “u_03″ from “Unitxt” on Raster-noton

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