Ch Ch Changes

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site. Over a month! For that I am sorry. I have a number of good excuses though.

The first is that I spent a lot of time in October trying to find a new job. I started this past Monday at Akamai Technologies, where I will be working on log processing. That may sound boring, but think about what Akamai does, and how much traffic they handle every day (6 million hits per second!) That results in some ridiculous number of terabytes of log data per day!

The second is that I have been preparing for my second batizado. I have never actually talked about capoeira on this site before, but I have been training in capoeira for the past two years, and I aim to keep going until I need to get joints replaced. A batizado is an annual event for a capoeira group where students who qualify move up in rank. I received my second cordao, which meant that I had to fight seven masters of capoeira until one of them finally got me on the floor. Maybe it wasn’t seven; I lost count. :) I am spending today recovering my strength.

Anyway, I will be posting some old playlists here. I will also be writing more about computers and capoeira, since I don’t actually write so well about music.

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