Hydrogen Economy Playlist 2008.11.07

Hydrogen Economy (NCP) with mkb 11.07.2008 10:00PM to 01:00AM

09:42PM Substance and Vainqueur “Immersion” from “Surface” on Scion Versions
09:49PM Thomas Dolby “Airwaves” from “Retrospectacle”
09:53PM Deadbeat “Grounation (Berghain Drum Jack)” from “Roots and Wire” on Wagon Repair
09:59PM Pest “Pat Pong (Solid Groove Mix)” from “You Don’t Know” on Ninja Tune
10:02PM Petar Dundov “Waterfall” from “Escapements” on Music Man Records
10:09PM Model 500 “Starlight (Intrusion Dub)” from “Starlight” on Echospace
10:18PM Julien Chaptal “La Ribouldinghe” from “Tokens” on Remote Area
10:24PM As One “Epic” from “In With Their Arps and Moogs and Jazz and Things” on Clear
10:38PM Francesco Tristano “Auricle Bio On 1″ from “Auricle Bio On” on InFine
11:04PM Gudrun Gut “In Pieces (Burger/Voigt mix)” from “In Pieces” on Monika Enterprise
11:09PM Kenneth Bager “Fragment Four (version Jackie Idjut)” from “Fragments Remixes” on music for dreams
11:15PM The Matthew Herbert Big Band “The Story (Edit)” from “There’s Me and There’s You” on Accidental
11:19PM Monolake “Cern-LHC” from “Cern-LHC” on Monolake
11:26PM Leif “Long Way Round (T-Polar Mix)” from “Benrhos Dubs” on Thinner
11:32PM Underworld “Strumpte” from “Live in Brighton”
11:38PM The Black Dog “Digital Poacher” from “Radio Scarecrow” on Dust Science
11:43PM The Black Dog “Coda” from “Radio Scarecrow” on Dust Science
11:46PM The Black Dog “Set to Receive” from “Radio Scarecrow” on Dust Science
11:50PM Posthuman “Asha Grew Wings” from “Hilda Family EP” on Myuzyk
11:55PM Jay Haze “Direct Hit” from “Love & Beyond” on Tuning Spork
12:00AM Tanzmuzik “A Version City Episode” from “Version Citie Hi-Lights” on Sublime
12:03AM Kevin Saunderson Feat. Inner City “Good Love (Luciano rmx)” from “History Elevate 4″ on KMS
12:14AM Wackie’s “Super Dub” from “Jamaica Super Dub Session” on Wackie’s
12:18AM Sutekh “asscr” from “Opensource.code” on Source
12:27AM Introvert “Lemon Days” from “Lemon Days” on Night Vision
12:31AM Astralasia “ANDE” from “Whatever Happened to Utopia?” on Magick Eye
12:39AM Insekt “The Punisher” from “Dreamscape” on KK
12:43AM Kiyoshi Izumi “Light Year in Stereo” from “Orange Sunshine” on Childisc
12:57AM Ken Ishii “Stretch” from “Jelly Tones” on Medicine Label
12:57AM Ken Ishii “Ethos 9″ from “Jelly Tones” on Medicine Label

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