Hydrogen Economy 2008.11.21 Playlist and Podcast!

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10:14PM Sebbo “Mortiz von Oswald Rework” from “Watamu Beach” on Desolat
10:24PM Francesco Tristano “Auricle Bio On 2″ from “Auricle Bio On” on InFine
10:47PM Meat Beat Manifesto “Radio Babylon – Beach Blanket Bimbo Land – The Orb” from “Original Fire” on Nothing
11:00PM Matmos “Polychords” from “Supreme Balloon” on Matador

11:04PM Coil “Sex with Sun Ra (Part 2 – Sigillaricia)” from “Black Antlers” on Threshold House
11:11PM Coil “Departed” from “Black Antlers” on Threshold House
11:21PM Gudrun Gut “Pole Remix” from “In Pieces” on Monika Enterprise
11:26PM Mr. Oizo “Sick Dog Try to Speak” from “Flat Beat” on F Communication
11:30PM Mr. Oizo “Last Night Herbert Murdered My Poodle” from “Last Night a DJ Killed my Dog” on F Communication
11:35PM Jori Hulkonnen “Definitive French Remix by the Youngsters” from “Dislocated” on F Communication
11:41PM Scan 7 “Final Destiny” from “Final Destiny” on F Communication
11:46PM Laurent Garnier “Fabrice Lig Remix” from “Greed World Wide Re-works” on F Communication
11:53PM Alexkid “Llorca’s Sticky Remix” from “Strawberry Lane Remixes” on F Communication
12:08AM Laurent Garnier “Sambou” from “Sambou” on F Communication
12:14AM Jori Hulkonnen “Customs Person” from “Customs Person” on F Communication
12:19AM The Future and The Human League “Dominion Advertisement” from “The Golden Hour of The Future” on Black Melody
12:20AM The Future and The Human League “Pulse Lovers” from “The Golden Hour of The Future” on Black Melody
12:24AM Dominik Eulberg “Lowenzahn-Luftwaffe” from “Bionik” on Cocoon
12:32AM Lackluster “Shambala” from “Not an EP” on Corewatch
12:37AM Gys “Settler’s Dub” from “Isaac Selassie meets…” on Defchild
12:41AM Bass Communion “Glacial 1602″ from “Molotov And Haze” on Important
12:47AM B12 “live pa norberg festival” from “norberg se 07.05″

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