Happy New Year – Podcast 2009.01.02

Happy New Year to everyone! It has been quite a long time since my last broadcast, due to weather and travel. Unfortunately, this will be near to the last episode of the Hydrogen Economy as a WZBC program. I will be taking some time off the station as I prepare to become a dad!

10:05PM Front 242 “V1 Track 3″ from “Speed Tribe” on Sony
10:06PM Front 242 “V1 Track 4″ from “Speed Tribe” on Sony
10:09PM Fennesz “The Colour of Three” from “Black Sea” on Touch
10:17PM Jeff Mills “Lost Transmission” from “The Tomorrow Time Forgot” on Axis
10:17PM Forrest McCullough “Side 1″ from “Flight F-I-N-A-L” on Word
10:19PM Deepchord Present Echospace “spatialdimension” from “spatialdimension” on Echospace
10:28PM Sans Soleil “Tyrrell” from “Contrast” on 6one6
10:35PM Kangding Ray “World Within Words” from “Automne Fold” on Raster-noton
10:41PM Yellow Magic Orchestra “Technopolis” from “Solid State Survivor” on Alfa
10:46PM Jack Trombey “Electro Beat” from “Kung Fu Super Sounds” on De Wolfe Music Library
10:46PM Klik “Amber Shadows” from “Unspoken” on Defrec
10:51PM Pizzicato Five “Room with a View” from “The Fifth Release on Matador” on Matador
11:06PM Anders Ilar “Icarus and Pegasus” from “Sworn” on Level Records
11:12PM Petar Dundov “Waterfall” from “Escapements” on Music Man Records
11:21PM Andy Vaz “Repetitive Moments Last Forever” from “Repetitive Moments Last Forever” on Persistencebit
11:28PM Transparent Sound “Cider Club (Repeat Repeat Mix)” from “Cider Club” on CHI
11:38PM Luciano “When The People Will Come” from “Capricciosa” on Bruchsteucke
11:38PM Black Devil Disco Club “On Just Foot (Dub Version)” from “Black Devil In Dub” on Lo
11:45PM LAN Formatique “Never Let Me Go” from “Forced Nature Volume One” on Force of Nature Production
11:52PM Quantec “Renanscence” from “Unusual Signals” on Echocord
12:00AM Microworld “Smile” from “Signals” on transmat
12:07AM Plural “Minds of the Lost” from “Signal Depth” on 6one6
12:13AM Pedro Cali “My Sweet Angel” from “Retofuturism EP” on Melodika
12:20AM Gys “Settlers Dub” from “Isaac Selassie meets…” on Defchild
12:27AM Underworld “Pearl’s Girl” from “Everything, Everything” on JBO
12:35AM Underworld “Jumbo” from “Everything, Everything” on JBO
12:43AM Lunar Drive “Brrds and Bugs (Fridge Francais Mix)” from “Here at Black Mesa Arizona” on Beggars Banquet
12:53AM Peter Gabriel “Bully for You” from “I Have the Touch”
12:54AM Rhythm & Sound “Let Jah Love Come (Sweet Substance Remix)” from “See Mi Yah Remixes” on Basic Channel
12:59AM Kruder & Dorfmeister “Black Baby” from “DJ-Kicks: The Exclusives” on Studio-K7

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