Honey Orange Amber Ale

So, this afternoon, I used the beer kit I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Here are the original kit ingredients:
– 3 pounds Muntons Pale Extract (hopped)
– 2 pounds Muntons Amber Extract
– 1 pound mixed Munich and Wheat Malt
– 1 tsp Irish Moss (boiled 15 mins)
– 1 oz Willamette hops (half for 60mins, half for 10 mins)
– Safale S04 yeast

I added the following ingredients:
– 2 oz bitter orange peel (at 5mins)
– 1 lb honey (partly wildflower, partly mesquite, added at 2nd boil)
– 0.5 lb light candi sugar (at 2nd boil)
– 0.5 lb malto-dextrin (at 2nd boil)

I switched the yeast to Safbrew T-58, which I made into a starter on a stir plate. I’m not sure if that is going to make a difference since I only stirred it for an hour.

OG is 1.065, up from the 1.040 on the kit instructions. Spent grains are currently being baked into a this spent grain bread, and I’ll hopefully also make this one and this one later on today!

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