Project Progress


I have mostly completed the XML document that describes the FS1r data model, at least enough to start writing code to parse it. Because spending 30 minutes at a time reading Xerces-C is almost useless, I have abstracted away the XML parser so that I can write a Xerces-C driver later and a RapidXML driver now. Since the RapidXML driver was, well, rapid, I am now onto writing a very basic test XML so I can build the genetic algorithm component using GALib. A lot of my ideas about the data model have had to change to adapt to the GALib environment; I’m awfully glad I started reading the manual before I wrote all that code.

For fs1rgen I am using git. I made a public repository on github for it, but since I’m always in a hurry to get off the train when I check stuff in, and I haven’t really figured out git anyway, there’s not much there.


I have abandoned the C++ command-line version and I am now thinking of writing a third prototype in Perl before implementing the VST version. I have started the VST version but the VST scaffolding is a little tough to figure out a half hour at a time. I may implement a prototype in ChucK, Pd, or CSound, whichever I can figure out the quickest.


I have taken eyeCalendar off my sidebar here after some performance problems. It’s a low priority now that I’m not actively tracking Boston music events since the whole baby thing keeps me craving sleep more often!


I have been offered a spot as a contributor at Way of the Spatula. In addition, I am spinning any non-DJ type musical content into a separate blog: The Republic of Nynex. There’s no content there, yet. I need to finish my software projects first!

If anyone has a suggestion on a Linux RSS reader that can handle HTTP authentication or cookies, let me know. I would like to stop using LiveJournal as my feed reader. I tried RSSOwl but I do not like it.

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