fs1rgen progress

I have created a small subproject of fs1rgen in order to get a really basic app working that uses a genetic algorithm. It’s called tonegen, and instead of generating random FS1r patches, it generates random noises. (By default, 44.1kHz 16-bit audio with a 1/440 second sample) 10 of these noises are created per generation using some horrific mishmash of Objective-C and C++. (Seriously, there is no reason for me to use Objective-C for what is now a command line app that interfaces with Core Audio, a C API)

FS1rgen will be the same, for the simple reason that Cocoa is written in Objective-C and GALib is written in C++.

If you would like to try tonegen, you can grab the source code from github and you’ll need the latest GALib. You’ll need to muck with the XCode project file to make it find GALib, since I really haven’t bothered with a autoconf or even a Makefile.
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