Capoeira Gerais Open House

Capoeira Gerais is having (another) open house this Wednesday!

For those not familiar, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that was practiced by slaves and disguised as dance for centuries while it was practiced illegally. If you would like to see it in action, look it up on YouTube.

Anyways, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape, capoeira does that pretty well. To that end, my capoeira instructor is holding an open house Wednesday Jan 13. It’s free for the first class. If you would like to attend, just show up at Boston Ultimate Fitness on that night at 6PM. Wear comfortable clothes and optionally shoes (please not street shoes though. The floor was all full of sand tonight), and bring a towel! You’ll need it.

The address is 33 Harrison Av, in Chinatown, on the 7th floor.

Regular classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays every week at this time and address, or at 8:15 PM at Champions Dance Studio in Everett if that’s more convenient for you.
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