Republic of Nynex

Hi Matt! This is more of a formality for your records: thanks for the
submission — we’d like for you to be involved in Megapolis this year
in Baltimore, May 14-16.

My in-progress genetic audio art project, the Republic of Nynex, has been accepted as part of the Megapolis Festival in Baltimore in May of this year. This is a participatory project, so you can actually take part even without going to the festival.

I won’t be putting all the detailed progress in this blog. If you want to follow the project along, you can subscribe to the progress blog on the site, become a Facebook fan, or follow nynexrepublic on Twitter or Soundcloud. Twitter will contain the only online announcements of each new generation, but if you want to listen and rate without becoming become a Twitter user you can subscribe to the Twitter RSS feed once the project goes live.

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