New music toy?

Every year I buy myself one (1) music toy. Here are the options this year:

  1. Replace my crappy Behringer mixer with something nicer and with more channels (Mackie, Soundcraft, Yamaha, A&H) – The Behringer is starting to sound really weird and awful, and I constantly have to re-organize what’s plugged in since I don’t have enough channels to fit everything. Perhaps I could relieve this problem with a patchbay instead?
  2. Kurzweil K2000R or K2500R, (no Mac editor for the K2600 as far as I can tell) – I really love the way VAST synths sound, and they are CHEAP. I could also get the keyboard version and dump my CS1x.
  3. Korg Z1 or Yamaha AN1x – I like VA synths, but they don’t sample.
  4. Elektron Machinedrum or Octatrack, or Yamaha RS7000 – This would replace a Yamaha RM1x.
  5. Korg microSampler – Hee! It’s cute!

I had briefly considered buying a new computer, but I bought a new-ish MacBook late last year which got hijacked by my wife while I was setting it up as a replacement workstation. We will switch. She will get my old PowerBook for email and Pandora; I will use the new MacBook for music-y things. I also have this old Shuttle PC at work that I can take and repurpose for a PureDyne machine, as well as the netbook we loaned out should come back some day.

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