Needing Ski Wisdoms

Yesterday was my first ski run of 2011-2012. Embarrassing, I know, but I got sick during Christmas and I’ve been busy since then. I just now realized that my skis are in their ninth season. They seem to be holding up fine, but I imagine they don’t have too many more years left.

These are what I have. I really like them, but I have no idea how to navigate the great variety of equipment for sale now, especially in comparison to what I have now, as Salomon has an entirely new set of trademarks for their current lineup.

I like to ski fast, but I don’t race. I am not terribly interested in terrain parks and tricks, but I will catch air (on purpose) when the trail is bumpy. I generally stick with medium to large-radius turns, although my current pair really loves short turns. The only thing I don’t like about the Crossmax is that they wobble if I’m not turning.

I know I could probably go to a store and talk to a salesperson, but I am also a giant nerd and want to understand why different skis perform well in different situations. You’d think 30 years of skiing would help but it’s hard to do research when everyone only seems to want to sell me stuff.

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