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Next Beer – Vanilla Bean Stout

Beer & Wine Hobby has a 70 dollar (!!!) bourbon cask vanilla bean stout kit. The most recent newsletter from Modern Homebrewing Emporium has instructions that I can put together on their website for $55. The vanilla beans are another … Continue reading

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Beer and “wine” and tracks

Today was a big beer day. Last Saturday, I had added the second specified spice packet to the pumpkin ale I had brewed. In doing so, I racked it all into the bottling bucket, then got rid of all the … Continue reading

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Ale and pie

Some production and consumption notes: Saturday I made a pumpkin ale. I have long wanted to make a clone of Souther Tier’s Pumking, but I’m not ready for all-grain brewing yet, so instead I picked up a kit of the … Continue reading

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Project Progress

fs1rgen I have mostly completed the XML document that describes the FS1r data model, at least enough to start writing code to parse it. Because spending 30 minutes at a time reading Xerces-C is almost useless, I have abstracted away … Continue reading

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A Memphis Rib Story

The words of C. B. Stubblefield adorn every bottle of Stubb’s barbecue products: “First of all, you have to have the taste and the time.” Well, I didn’t have the time today, so I had to buy a bottle of … Continue reading

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Directions for setting up anonymous proxies for Iranian dissidents

Mac OS X Windows Linux

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But who are they to judge us simply ‘cos our hair is long

Assorted small updates, since it’s been a while: – Picked up some stuff at the Salem Record Exchange: Mr. G, Nitzer Ebb, King Crimson, Stewart Copeland, CTR, David Sylvian and Holger Czukay, SAW, Baby Ford, and DAF. Going through all … Continue reading

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Park Ave Porter Plus bottled!

I bottled my porter project yesterday! FG was 1.019, which gives an absurdly low ABV of 2.944%? I don’t believe it. Anyway, I tasted the very last bit of gritty stuff at the bottom of the bucket and it was … Continue reading

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Assorted Projects Update

eyeCalendar eyeCalendar is my WordPress plugin project. It fetches iCalendar format files and merges the contents together, allowing totally custom formatting on the part of the site administrator. Until recently, it featured on the sidebar over yonder → aggregating Hydrogen … Continue reading

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Brew Day – Porter Experiment

Last Saturday, I brewed the porter kit my parents bought me for my birthday. I decided once again to tweak it, this time by adding molasses (just shy of 1/4 cup) to the boil right from the start, then a … Continue reading

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