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Birthday Capoeira Warning

Yesterday was my birthday. I ended up sleeping poorly Tuesday night and had a long day planned Wednesday. After work was to be the capoeira open house followed by dinner out with my wife and then on to see Dietrich … Continue reading

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Capoeira Gerais Open House May 6

Have you ever wanted to try Capoeira? Maybe you’ve never even heard of it. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that has a long history among African slaves. It was illegalized and disguised as a dance for many years, and … Continue reading

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It’s BBQ Season!

This weekend I finally re-seasoned* the grates on my grill, and so to celebrate, I made the following meal Sunday afternoon. First off, I thawed a tri-tip roast I had obtained for cheep at Trader Joe’s some months ago. The … Continue reading

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Octave One Interview

At long last, the Octave One recording is live. Many thanks to Lawrence for agreeing to the interview and to Dwayne at 430 West for hooking it up! Also thanks to the folks at Ask Metafilter for helping me with … Continue reading

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Megapolis Festival and Other Notes

On the weekend of April 24th-26th, I will be volunteering at the Megapolis Audio Festival, in and around Harvard Square and the Elks Lodge in Central Square in Cambridge. This event features live performances, audio art installations, and workshops on … Continue reading

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Octave One Test Pattern – March 20

Tomorrow night I am hosting a one hour program of Octave One, plus an interview with Lawrence Burden in which he talks about his live experiences; the history of his label, 430 West; his band’s new album; and his favorite … Continue reading

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Amber Bottled

Just for the record: FG: 1.023 Total yield was about 4.25 gallons. Beyond the usual loss to the yeast cake and the stuff left in the bottling bucket, I managed to overfill a couple bottles, and accidentally open the bottling … Continue reading

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Honey Orange Amber Ale

So, this afternoon, I used the beer kit I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Here are the original kit ingredients: – 3 pounds Muntons Pale Extract (hopped) – 2 pounds Muntons Amber Extract – 1 pound mixed … Continue reading

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Upcoming Food and Drink Plans

For Christmas, my parents bought me an Amber Ale kit from Blackstone Valley Brewing Supply. I think I will make it next week, but I think I will modify it somehow. The people from the Homebrewing LJ community recommended steeping … Continue reading

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Update – Capoeira and Kung Fu

The capoeira event mentioned earlier will also include a demonstration of Hung Gar style Kung Fu by the students of Nam Pai Academy crossposted from The Hydrogen Project

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