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Octoberfest Beer bottled!

For my birthday, my parents got me two beer kits as usual. One was an Octoberfest, albeit with an ale yeast, which is not according to style. I just bottled it today, and I have taken absolutely no hydrometer readings! … Continue reading

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Less QQ more BBQ

Last night I made the best Q in like a year. Raw data follows. THE MEAT: A three-pound slab of beef chuck sold as pot roast. THE HEAT: Oak logs and lump charcoal. I started off at 400 degrees until … Continue reading

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Beer Notes

With regards to my last entry, here are notes per beer: – Chateau Jiahu was really good the second time around. – Sahtea was OK. Too syrupy and cloyingly sweet in flavor. Didn’t notice much juniper. – Pangaea – wtf? … Continue reading

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Barleywine bottled

This weekend I bottled the barleywine that I brewed so long ago. Let me give a short review of all that has happened with this beer: 1.) First thing to do was to dry hop with the last of the … Continue reading

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Next Beer – Vanilla Bean Stout

Beer & Wine Hobby has a 70 dollar (!!!) bourbon cask vanilla bean stout kit. The most recent newsletter from Modern Homebrewing Emporium has instructions that I can put together on their website for $55. The vanilla beans are another … Continue reading

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Beer and “wine” and tracks

Today was a big beer day. Last Saturday, I had added the second specified spice packet to the pumpkin ale I had brewed. In doing so, I racked it all into the bottling bucket, then got rid of all the … Continue reading

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Ale and pie

Some production and consumption notes: Saturday I made a pumpkin ale. I have long wanted to make a clone of Souther Tier’s Pumking, but I’m not ready for all-grain brewing yet, so instead I picked up a kit of the … Continue reading

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A Memphis Rib Story

The words of C. B. Stubblefield adorn every bottle of Stubb’s barbecue products: “First of all, you have to have the taste and the time.” Well, I didn’t have the time today, so I had to buy a bottle of … Continue reading

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But who are they to judge us simply ‘cos our hair is long

Assorted small updates, since it’s been a while: – Picked up some stuff at the Salem Record Exchange: Mr. G, Nitzer Ebb, King Crimson, Stewart Copeland, CTR, David Sylvian and Holger Czukay, SAW, Baby Ford, and DAF. Going through all … Continue reading

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Park Ave Porter Plus bottled!

I bottled my porter project yesterday! FG was 1.019, which gives an absurdly low ABV of 2.944%? I don’t believe it. Anyway, I tasted the very last bit of gritty stuff at the bottom of the bucket and it was … Continue reading

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