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Republic of Nynex

Hi Matt! This is more of a formality for your records: thanks for the submission — we’d like for you to be involved in Megapolis this year in Baltimore, May 14-16. My in-progress genetic audio art project, the Republic of … Continue reading

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fs1rgen progress

I have created a small subproject of fs1rgen in order to get a really basic app working that uses a genetic algorithm. It’s called tonegen, and instead of generating random FS1r patches, it generates random noises. (By default, 44.1kHz 16-bit … Continue reading

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Project Progress

fs1rgen I have mostly completed the XML document that describes the FS1r data model, at least enough to start writing code to parse it. Because spending 30 minutes at a time reading Xerces-C is almost useless, I have abstracted away … Continue reading

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Assorted Projects Update

eyeCalendar eyeCalendar is my WordPress plugin project. It fetches iCalendar format files and merges the contents together, allowing totally custom formatting on the part of the site administrator. Until recently, it featured on the sidebar over yonder → aggregating Hydrogen … Continue reading

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