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Project Progress

fs1rgen I have mostly completed the XML document that describes the FS1r data model, at least enough to start writing code to parse it. Because spending 30 minutes at a time reading Xerces-C is almost useless, I have abstracted away … Continue reading

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A Memphis Rib Story

The words of C. B. Stubblefield adorn every bottle of Stubb’s barbecue products: “First of all, you have to have the taste and the time.” Well, I didn’t have the time today, so I had to buy a bottle of … Continue reading

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But who are they to judge us simply ‘cos our hair is long

Assorted small updates, since it’s been a while: – Picked up some stuff at the Salem Record Exchange: Mr. G, Nitzer Ebb, King Crimson, Stewart Copeland, CTR, David Sylvian and Holger Czukay, SAW, Baby Ford, and DAF. Going through all … Continue reading

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It’s BBQ Season!

This weekend I finally re-seasoned* the grates on my grill, and so to celebrate, I made the following meal Sunday afternoon. First off, I thawed a tri-tip roast I had obtained for cheep at Trader Joe’s some months ago. The … Continue reading

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Honey Orange Amber Ale

So, this afternoon, I used the beer kit I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Here are the original kit ingredients: – 3 pounds Muntons Pale Extract (hopped) – 2 pounds Muntons Amber Extract – 1 pound mixed … Continue reading

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Upcoming Food and Drink Plans

For Christmas, my parents bought me an Amber Ale kit from Blackstone Valley Brewing Supply. I think I will make it next week, but I think I will modify it somehow. The people from the Homebrewing LJ community recommended steeping … Continue reading

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Food trends in 2009

Today on MetaFilter someone posted a set of articles predicting food trends of the coming year. Barbecue, noodle joints, French bistros, and craft beer! Hooray! I may try this in summertime, but maybe not with the tenderloin.

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excellent pizza

Last night, m0xiee and I made a super awesome pizza. The dough was made with Mr. Hotel's recipe, using an Ipswich Winter Ale as the beer. First step was to put 3.5 cups of flour, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, … Continue reading

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